About us

Zendegi Theatre & Film Production Company is a Not-For-Profit organization performing internationally.This company started its professional theatre activities for children, adolescents, and adults in 2000. Its activities included performance, holding training classes and workshops, running theater festivals in kindergartens and other similar activities. Since then, this company has always been in search of new experiences and exploring new situations in art, especially in theater domain; These aims have been the priorities of the company so far.ZTFCO started its international attendances in 2010 by taking part in international theater festivals in Asia, Europe, and Africa. A start which has led to acquiring new experiences like theatre production, performance, holding international acting & dance workshops, and cooperation with various theater groups and companies all around the world.

This company developed a new method in teaching theater which is composed of theater and psychology, aimed to improve creativity, self-consciousness, self-knowledge, and to teach acting, directing, and playwriting. This method is being taught to children to adult in schools and cultural centers.

Due to the expansion of its field of activity and the need for having a new medium to convey effective concepts to attract more audiences, as well as to influence people through art, production of short films began with “Engareh” in 2020 and was followed by “Haleh” in 2021 which will be screened in the “River Film Festival” in Italy and “Changing Face International Film Festival” in Australia, and this path will be continued with future films and documentaries.

Thank you for your time

Jafar Mahyari

General Manager